• New patterns in wood, metal or plastic can be made very competitively by well-equipped local pattern shops. Engineering changes and maintenance of your patterns are done by our in-house pattern maker. Heated pattern storage is furnished for customers’ patterns in an effort to provide longer service life.
  • Cores are made in four types: shell, airset, and oil. Depending on quality, finish and tolerance, we can provide a core to fit your casting needs in the most economical way.
  • Primary melting is done economically by two (2) #3 1/2 cupolas capable of six tons per hour. Iron chemistry is controlled by spectograph. Testing is also available with a Digi-Lab on each melt charge. Process control test bars are cast for every heat to monitor tensile strength, brinnell hardness and machining specifications. Spectograph for daily metallurgical control.
  • A variety of tensile strengths and hardness ranges can be specified and certified to meet your requirements. Local heat treatment enables us to further modify mechanical properties to meet your engineering and machining requirements.
  • Molding is designed for flexibility and process control. This allows us to continually service our customers changing requirements.
  • The process of final finishing from de-gating, cutoff and blasting (spin, table, tumble_ to chipping and grinding, insures a quality part to specification and tolerance. Special services include brinnell, ultrasonic and hydrostatic for pressure vessels, visual and dimensional inspection is routine. Primer painting also is available. You, our customer, determine our final finishing process.

Give us a call or visit our plant. We would be pleased to discuss our capabilities for providing a solution for your gray iron casting requirements.